October 26, 2011

Welcome to UnFatty Gaby!

Hi there, new friends!  I'm so excited to be starting this blog and sharing my wonderful discoveries with all of you.  As it says in the About Me - I really flippin' love eating.  It's pretty much my best quality.  If you can think of some weird obscure diet, I've probably been on it.  Grapefruit diet?  Yup.  Atkins?  Of course!  Combat Fat?  You betcha - and it even came with some contraption that pinched your arm fat to tell you how obese you were!

I know what you're saying - "What's the point, fatty!?"  Well, meanie-pants, the POINT is to be UnFatty!  I've picked up tips, tricks and recipe ideas along my diet journey - from South Beach to Jenny Craig - I've learned a lot about nutrition.  I'm taking my favorite parts of each program, and starting my own - the UnFatty Gaby!  

I promise deliciousness and bona fide easiness and cheapness!  (I also happen to be broke most of the time.)  All my recipes have been Mailman approved - so you KNOW they're awesome! (Who the hell is the Mailman?  It's my super awesome extra special man friend for life!) 

 Join me, ok?   Just flippin' do it!  Let's get UnFatty together!


  1. Great! Can't wait to start ... I'm hungry, how about a recipe?

  2. I love your blog and can't wait to try some recipes. Quite honestly, you had me at sweet potato skins.
    PS Cute dress! Where did you get it?