February 29, 2012

If It's Broke - Fix It.

Happy Leap Day, UFG'ers!

This isn't a blog about food or exercise, or my quest for physical health.  Instead, it's a blog about fixing what is broken. 
I live my life by a few basic principals:  Mediocre is not enough, complacency isn't always good and if something is broken - you fix it.   There are some things in the UFG household that need to be fixed. 
With four jobs and a blog, I've left little time for anything else, including The Mailman.  I've allowed complacency and a large heap of stresses to creep into my home. 
Unable to cut back on any of the jobs, it leaves me one choice - I'm taking a break from being UnFatty Gaby.  Not for good.....just for now.
My quest for health will continue, and I hope yours will too.  Throughout this week, I will post the remaining recipes that I have for you and, as always, want to hear your feedback. 
I'll be back to being UFG soon, I promise - but, for now, it's time to get back to basics and do some good ol' fashioned fixin'. 

Until then,

February 27, 2012

Vegetable Soup

Happy Monday!
So - I started this blog so that I can be held accountable and keep it real for myself.  Now's the time to do that.  My 30 Day Challenge?  Not going well.  I'm trying desperately to get my life to slow down - and it just won't!  I woke up Sunday morning and realized I had gotten only 3 days of yoga/pilates in last week. Ugh.  Fingers crossed for this week.

Today's recipe is deeelish.  With my foot out of commission - I've been careful with what I've been eating - so having this for lunch every day really helps my cause.  I really like the flavor that using stewed tomatoes brings.  Be sure to up your spices if you don't have stewed tomatoes - trust me, you need it!

I eat this soup with 2 homemade brown rice cakes that I got from my local farmers market and it's become a favorite lunch for sure!  Recipe after the jump:

February 22, 2012

Body Media Link Armband - Part Deux

Well, UFG'ers - here's a lesson for you:  I hate bad customer service.  Hate.  For the better part of 2 months, my BodyMedia Link Armband hasn't been working properly.  I've spend more time resetting it because it froze than it has tracking anything.  So today, I finally had time to call customer service.  Now, keep in mind, the BodyMedia Customer Service is only available from 9-5 Monday through Friday.  Strike 1.  What consumer is available during that time!?  Not me, that's for sure. 
I call them and say I'd like my money back, because it's getting ridiculous how much I CAN'T use the armband.  I tell them it's freezing 2 - 3 times a week and I'm now disenchanted with the product.  (Although I'm sure I used stronger words....). 

What's Strike 2?  They won't refund my money.  The only course of action is to send me another armband.  Now - I've been practically unable to use it 2 out of the 3 months I've had this thing...and they won't refund?  Bad customer service!  Why would I waste my valuable time on something I've already experienced not working?  Makes zero sense to me.

Strike 3?  I have to send them the broken armband BEFORE they send me a new one!  Now, I'll give them one thing - they send you a shipping label.  It's the least they can do, really.  But the whole thing is a process I'd rather not go through. 

The moral of the story is this:  Although I'll still be wearing the armband (if the new one works), I'll no longer be endorsing it.   If you can't at least offer a partial refund for your defunct product, than you don't deserve an endorsement. 

If you have a similar story, I'd love to hear it! 

Day 1 - Success!

Yesterday was Day 1 of my 30 Day Challenge! I opted for 2 10 minute workouts - 1 Pilates and 1 Yoga. 

First - was Yoga 360 with Holly Perkins - my favorite series from the old Exercise TV. 

I really enjoyed this one.  Well... as much as I could enjoy Yoga, which is not my thang.  I found moves like planks and downward dog challenging with my foot, but adapted to make it work.  I love how Holly is constantly reminding you which muscle groups to "activiate" and to breathe!  (which, oddly enough, I often forget....)  The yoga portion of this DVD is supposed to be used after the regular workouts on there, which I like a lot, but can't do quite yet!

Second - 10 Minute Rapid Results Pilates - Arms and Shoulders

This is a DVD I've had for years, and keep coming back to.  A sign of a good workout!  I love the Arm and Shoulder Shaper.  Even with just 1lb weights, you really feel the burn.  Lara Hudson reminds you to engage your core, and isn't tooooooo annoying.  I'm anxious to try the other workouts on the DVD. 

Today - I didn't get up this morning to work out - but will be doing something when I get home.  I'm trying to test different times of day to see which works best.  Will doing Yoga at night help me sleep? Or is it better to just do Pilates in the morning?  That's what this experiment is all about!  In the meantime...time to ice the foot!

February 21, 2012

UFG 30 Day Pilates and Yoga Challenge

Well UFG'ers - a lot has been going on here with me!  My poor poor foot.  Severe sprain + crutches = Gaby's on painkillers and can't really work out! By the end of the day, the pain is pretty instense, but the mailman has been very helpful, and I've stocked my fridge with healthy foods (recipes to come!) Veggie soup, Indian Chicken Meatballs, healthy Chicken Lo Mein - all yummy and super low cal and low fat!

I can't 30 Day Shred for a while - but I'm pretty sure I can do Yoga and Pilates as long as I don't put direct pressure on the foot.  So - I've giving myself a challenge.  For 30 days - I'll do either Yoga or Pilates 5 days a week.  I'll track my progress here and on my Facebook page.

I want you to join me!  Tell me your progress on my Facebook page or in the comments and let's do this together!

February 13, 2012

Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Happy Monday, UFG'ers!   So, if you've been following my foot drama on my Facebook page, then you know I've not been able to exercise for about a week and a half - and man am I dragging!  Without health insurance, I wasn't able to go to the doctor, but did get a pretty solid diagnosis from my awesome cousin, who's a physical therapist.   Strained ligament, or tendon... or something.  The important takeaway is that it's not a break - so I can work out again - but no jump rope!

Now, on to today's recipe.  It's become a favorite.  Making gnocchi (and learning how to say it correctly!) was a big part of my childhood, so I was so excited to develop this recipe and share it with my father.  I'm sure he'll be critical of the fact that I didn't roll them over a fork, but I think he'll love them! haha.   The mailman and I ate them all before my Dad could try any - but I'll be making these again for him, for sure!
Recipe after the jump!

February 07, 2012

Chicken Gyro

Hi UFG'ers!
Geez has life been busy!
With 3 jobs and a blog, it's hard to find time - so unfortunately, the blog has been pushed to back burner a bit - so I'll update when I can and always post on my Facebook when there's updates!
Today - I bring you Chicken Gyros!  A lot of prep work, but a breeze to put together once it's done! I hope you enjoy :)

February 03, 2012

Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers

Happy Friday, UFG'ers! Today's recipe has a bit of sentimental value for me - it's the recipe that started it all!  I thought of these burgers while working for local minor league baseball team the Wilmington Blue Rocks.  After I made them, the mailman proclaimed that I needed to do something with these recipes that I was coming up with.  So hence - the blog was born!  I really love these.  They are filling and far less calories and fat than the real thing! 
This Sunday is the big game!  Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the posts I put up last week about transforming some of my UFG food into football snacks!  (Buffalo burgers! Chilli dip! Potato Skins!)
Recipe after the jump!