February 03, 2012

Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers

Happy Friday, UFG'ers! Today's recipe has a bit of sentimental value for me - it's the recipe that started it all!  I thought of these burgers while working for local minor league baseball team the Wilmington Blue Rocks.  After I made them, the mailman proclaimed that I needed to do something with these recipes that I was coming up with.  So hence - the blog was born!  I really love these.  They are filling and far less calories and fat than the real thing! 
This Sunday is the big game!  Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the posts I put up last week about transforming some of my UFG food into football snacks!  (Buffalo burgers! Chilli dip! Potato Skins!)
Recipe after the jump!

1lb ground chicken
2 wedges light swiss cheese spread
4 peices of low fat canadian bacon (found mine at Trader Joe's - great product!)
garlic powder
21 Seasoning Salute (also - Trader Joe's!  Try Montreal Chicken Seasoning if you're without a TJ's)

In a bowl, mix chicken and seasoning.  No breadcrumbs - no eggs! Separate them into 8 2oz patties.  Flatten 4 patties and top with Canadian bacon and 1/2 cheese wedge.  Top with extra pattie and shape into a burger. 

Spray an oven safe skillet with non stick spray and brown each side of the burgers - about 5 mins per side.  Put in 425 degree oven for 15 mins!
Serve on a deli flat with a a mixture of fat free mayo an Dijon mustard!

Calories: 215 without bun, 315 with bun.

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