February 22, 2012

Day 1 - Success!

Yesterday was Day 1 of my 30 Day Challenge! I opted for 2 10 minute workouts - 1 Pilates and 1 Yoga. 

First - was Yoga 360 with Holly Perkins - my favorite series from the old Exercise TV. 

I really enjoyed this one.  Well... as much as I could enjoy Yoga, which is not my thang.  I found moves like planks and downward dog challenging with my foot, but adapted to make it work.  I love how Holly is constantly reminding you which muscle groups to "activiate" and to breathe!  (which, oddly enough, I often forget....)  The yoga portion of this DVD is supposed to be used after the regular workouts on there, which I like a lot, but can't do quite yet!

Second - 10 Minute Rapid Results Pilates - Arms and Shoulders

This is a DVD I've had for years, and keep coming back to.  A sign of a good workout!  I love the Arm and Shoulder Shaper.  Even with just 1lb weights, you really feel the burn.  Lara Hudson reminds you to engage your core, and isn't tooooooo annoying.  I'm anxious to try the other workouts on the DVD. 

Today - I didn't get up this morning to work out - but will be doing something when I get home.  I'm trying to test different times of day to see which works best.  Will doing Yoga at night help me sleep? Or is it better to just do Pilates in the morning?  That's what this experiment is all about!  In the meantime...time to ice the foot!