February 29, 2012

If It's Broke - Fix It.

Happy Leap Day, UFG'ers!

This isn't a blog about food or exercise, or my quest for physical health.  Instead, it's a blog about fixing what is broken. 
I live my life by a few basic principals:  Mediocre is not enough, complacency isn't always good and if something is broken - you fix it.   There are some things in the UFG household that need to be fixed. 
With four jobs and a blog, I've left little time for anything else, including The Mailman.  I've allowed complacency and a large heap of stresses to creep into my home. 
Unable to cut back on any of the jobs, it leaves me one choice - I'm taking a break from being UnFatty Gaby.  Not for good.....just for now.
My quest for health will continue, and I hope yours will too.  Throughout this week, I will post the remaining recipes that I have for you and, as always, want to hear your feedback. 
I'll be back to being UFG soon, I promise - but, for now, it's time to get back to basics and do some good ol' fashioned fixin'. 

Until then,

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