February 21, 2012

UFG 30 Day Pilates and Yoga Challenge

Well UFG'ers - a lot has been going on here with me!  My poor poor foot.  Severe sprain + crutches = Gaby's on painkillers and can't really work out! By the end of the day, the pain is pretty instense, but the mailman has been very helpful, and I've stocked my fridge with healthy foods (recipes to come!) Veggie soup, Indian Chicken Meatballs, healthy Chicken Lo Mein - all yummy and super low cal and low fat!

I can't 30 Day Shred for a while - but I'm pretty sure I can do Yoga and Pilates as long as I don't put direct pressure on the foot.  So - I've giving myself a challenge.  For 30 days - I'll do either Yoga or Pilates 5 days a week.  I'll track my progress here and on my Facebook page.

I want you to join me!  Tell me your progress on my Facebook page or in the comments and let's do this together!

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