April 19, 2012

Crystal Light Margarita Mix

Happy almost weekend, UFG'ers! You're welcome in advance for today's post.  Trust me - you'll be thankful.
In my constant dieting, there's one thing I've never been able to give up - and that's a good drink.  The problem with a good drink?  They tend to be extremely caloric.  Well, margaritas are caloric no more! At just 40 calories per PITCHER - these are a great alternative. 

The downside? I haven't been able to find these in stores since I bought the first pack.  The upside? Amazon.com is amazing.  Here is the link to order a 4 pack!

As much as I love Bethenny Frankel (and I do..), I'm choosing this margarita over Skinny Girl every time.  Not only can I leave it virgin if I choose (I won't) but it has a great sweet lime flavor.  I find Skinny Girl to be bitter and bland. I like the idea that I can make a pitcher of something, and everyone can drink it - pregnant friends, kids, etc.  Just keep a bottle of tequila to the side, and it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book!

My perfect UFG BBQ?  A Crystal Light Margarita, a UFG Turkey Burger and a guilt free cupcake
Can you tell I'm ready for summer?

Happy cocktailing, UFG'ers!

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