May 08, 2012

7 Day Detox Diet...or, I'm a crazy person

Well, UFG'ers, it's official.  I'm crazy.  I told myself I was going to do this diet.. and by golly, I'm doing it.  But holy crap am I hungry.
So we all know Pinterest, yes?  (I'm there!) My flugal buddy Tricia posted this 7 Day Detox Diet, and I became intrigued.  After a forced Big Mac while babysitting one night, I needed a detox in my life.

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The concept is pretty simple.  The foods you eat on this diet take more calories to eat than they actually have.  It didn't look too ridiculous or hard, so I decided to just do it.  I went to the Farmer's Market and stocked up.

Guys.  I'm hungry.  I'm only on Day 2. 

Day 1 - Fruit.  I flippin' love fruit.  How hard could this be!?  Well, after the waves of headaches and nausea passed, it was pretty delicious.  It's not everyday you eat an entire cantaloupe and half a watermelon for dinner. Word to wise:  You'll be in the bathroom.  A lot.

Day 2 - Veggies.  Today for breakfast I had a zucchini and a cucumber.   I'm hungry.  I'm seriously considering some carrots in my near future.

This detox is not too extreme, and absolutely doable.  However, I'm kind of scared for Day 4.  I like bananas, and I like milk.  But I don't like 8 a day of either of those.  So.. we'll see how that goes.

After only 1 day, I've lost 2 lbs.  So far, it's living up to it's promises.  More to come towards the end of the week!

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