May 21, 2012

Crystal Light Peach Bellini

Happy Monday, UFG family!
The Mailman and I had a whirlwind weekend full of love and family.  We became Godparents of our niece Helena! (Only the cutest baby ever...)  

Recipes may be a little light this week, since I was with family all weekend, but on to today's review!  If you thought I was over the moon about Crystal Light's Margarita mocktail, I'm down-right obsessed with the Peach Bellini!

This stuff is amazing. 
Recently, I've been getting migraines from any type of alcohol consumption - so I've been really depending on these Crystal Light Mocktails to help me feel like part of the party! 

At first, I was worried it would just taste like their Peach Iced Tea - which I'm not the biggest fan of, but I was pleasantly surprised! This Peach Bellini tastes like the real deal - with a champagne after taste and everything! 

With 5 calories a serving, you can't beat it.  I added club soda to my glass so I get the fizzy sensation of champagne.  
I've been able to find all the varieties of these great Crystal Light Mocktails at my local grocery store now.  So stock up before they go away again!

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