June 08, 2012

Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

A decadent dessert on a Friday?  You're Welcome!  It's hard to believe that these cake balls are only 22 calories each - but they are - I promise!
Not only are these puppies super low in calories, they are super rich - so the Mailman and I can only eat a few of them before it's too much. 
In personal news - as the school year winds down here in Delaware, a big shout out to my Mom who is retiring this year!! There's no doubt that my sister and I learned the value of hard work from our Mom - who has dedicated countless hours as a guidance counselor and then assistant principal for her school district.  Congrats Mom!!

Cake Ball recipe after the jump!

1 box Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake mix (it has less additives)
12 oz diet soda (I used Root Beer)
4.5 squares of bittersweet baking chocolate

Mix cake mix and soda.  Bake according to directions on the box.  Let it cool and crumble into pieces.  This is a pretty moist cake, so no frosting is needed to form into balls. 

Form the crumbles into balls, a little smaller than golf balls.  This should yield you about 35.  Freeze for a few hours. 

While the cake balls are freezing, it's time to melt the chocolate! Melt 2 squares at a time according to package directions.  I used the good ol' microwave - worked like a charm.

When you're covering the balls in chocolate, DON'T DUNK!  You don't have that much melted chocolate to begin with - so you're only putting a light coating of chocolate on these (that's how they stay 22 calories!).  I find the best way to do it is to push the chocolate up the side of the bowl and roll the cake balls around the side with a fork.

Place coated cake balls on tin foil and refrigerate until hardened.  They aren't the prettiest cake balls in the world - but man do they do the trick for your sweet tooth!

Calories : 22 per cake ball
Calories in regular cake balls: 125-150 per ball

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