October 23, 2012

Group Classes > The Gym

Oh hey UFG'ers! So... I've been taking classes.  The above picture is the story of my life.

So.. the first class I took was TurboKick with Joanie Fit.  I'm in love.  Although I no longer take it with Joanie (money's tight, y'all), she is amazing.  TurboKick is amazing! A fast paced, ass-kicking, sweat-inducing workout.  Joanie is incredibly motivating.  She also does a bootcamp and some other classes. So definitely check her out if you're in the area.

To say I was nervous during my first workout with Joanie is an understatement.  I got out of my car, shook her hand, and immediately had verbal diarrhea about how out of shape I was.  I practically cried before the class even started.   It was hot, and the class was outside.  I almost died- and I think threw up in my mouth a few times - but...I DID IT! I got through the whole class! Here's what I looked like after:
How red is my face!?! Literally, I almost died.  

I went back to Joanie for 3 more classes before my LivingSocial deal was up.  She was amazing and motivational, and I so wish I could continue.  If you love a faster paced class to get out your aggression - get on that TurboKick train! 

Next up was SkinnyBarre at Limestone Nutrition.  This class I took with my friend Amy.  Famous last words: "What could possibly be so hard that we can't use 5lb weights?"  
Here is the official class description:  
Skinny-barre uses low weight (2-3 lbs), lots of reps and your own resistance. 

Skinny-Barre is a spin off of the famous Lotte Berk method. Skinny-barre uses isometric holds and one inch movements to shape and define the muscles, reaching all of the traditional problem areas- thigh, seat, abs, waistline and arms- in one class. You will combine the famous "tuck" movement, squeezing your core muscles to add stability and strength during each exercise- with small-movement lifting that will shape and form lean muscle. Each class finishes by stretching to create the long, lean dancer body type and added flexibility
 Translation: A bajillion reps in each muscle group until they shake uncontrollably and you can no longer handle life.
Did I sweat? no.  Did I die on the inside? Yes.  Quite the workout.  Would I go back?  Probably not.  Here's the thing - my ADHD couldn't handle Skinny Barre.  Danielle - the instructor - who is maaaaad ripped! - kept telling us to slow down.  Um.. slowing down is not my thang.  This is why Yoga and I don't get along.
The instructor was great - and the people at Limestone Nutrition (an independent Herbalife distributor) were very inspirational - but, it just wasn't my bag.

Recently, I've been going to StudioFit and taking a myriad of classes! I'm in LOOOOOOVE!! Zumba, Zumba TONING(!!!), BodyBlast (A Crossfit-type class) AAAAND TurboKick! I'm actually canceling my gym membership and buying a membership to this place.  A different class every night to keep me interested and motivated!
Zumba Toning is great - you get to use these light weights that are like maracas! It's Zumba - but more intense.  I loved it!
BodyBlast - I died.  DIED! I literally saw stars.  This class isn't my favorite - but man is it tough.  And the instructor is no joke.  From what I could tell, it's along the same lines as what you would find in crossfit.  Using practical, everyday movements that kick your ass.  Sit ups while doing bicep curls,  Push-up/jumping jack combination things, swimming on an exercise ball.  Nutso stuff - and it was ridic!
Zumba I always love.  I always think I'm going to nail the booty pop - and then I don't and just look absurd, hah!

There are a few more classes I'm wanting to try.  Amy does the TRX class - so that's on my list - as well as my buddy Tony's bootcamp - he's officially a licensed trainer!!! Yay T$!  (So check him out if you're in DE)

All in all - I've learned this:  I'm far FAAAAAAR more motivated to work out if it's with a group.  I need a fast pace, and I need a teacher to be motivating.  I burpee'd for the first time at the TurboKick class at Studio Fit because the instructor yelled "We are doing burpees! I will cut you!"  - well, I burpeed my first burpee out of pure fear.  It was amazing.
You gotta find what you love - and I certainly wasn't finding love on the elliptical.  What exercises have you found that you love?  Share them in the comments! I'd love to know :)

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