December 17, 2012

I've been MIA (again) - here's an update!

Happy Monday, UFG'ers.  I've gone MIA again, I'm sorry!  The holidays this year have been NUTSO for me!  It's been so busy, that my Mom and I actually had competing holiday get togethers yesterday!
The good news is that my Christmas shopping is done and on December 27th - my schedule frees up and I'll actually be able to experience some much needed free time!
I haven't, however, been so elusive (illusive? I never know which one to use...) on my Facebook page - so be sure to check it out!
As always, there's a lot going on!  Update after the jump...

December 03, 2012

Baked Brie Bites

Happy Monday, UFG'ers!
This weekend marked the 3 year anniversary for The Mailman and I. We celebrated at a mustache party.  This is what love looks like, friends:

The holiday season is full of entertaining.  These Brie Bites will be perfect additions to your holiday party!  I served them for my book club and they were a huge hit! The jam I used was delish homemade peach jam from my Mom - but it's easily substituted with apricot sugar free jam from Smuckers!  This recipe is chock full of ingredients from Trader Joes.  If you were wondering what an Unfatty might want for Christmas - I would recommend this:


Recipe after the jump!