December 17, 2012

I've been MIA (again) - here's an update!

Happy Monday, UFG'ers.  I've gone MIA again, I'm sorry!  The holidays this year have been NUTSO for me!  It's been so busy, that my Mom and I actually had competing holiday get togethers yesterday!
The good news is that my Christmas shopping is done and on December 27th - my schedule frees up and I'll actually be able to experience some much needed free time!
I haven't, however, been so elusive (illusive? I never know which one to use...) on my Facebook page - so be sure to check it out!
As always, there's a lot going on!  Update after the jump...

My battle with dieting and weight loss has been no secret.  Four doctors later, finally, some solutions!  The medical profession baffles and amazes me at the same time.  I went through numerous unnecessary procedures, purely because Doctor #1 and #2 couldn't just sit there and listen to me.  They could have cared less about what my actual symptoms were and the words that I was saying, and was just going from patient to patient to get their co-pays.  Not OK, doctors of the world.  I sit here now with medical bills that could have been avoided.  Doctor #3 - a specialist, wasn't much better at the listening thing.

Finally - Doctor #4 (well, Nurse Practitioner..) has been the answer to my prayers!  I went in at my wits end and already expecting to be brushed off.  I was seen early (!), treated with respect, and listened to.  The appointment was 45 minutes long - and I ended it because I had to get to work, not the doctor.  It was amazing.  She sat there, and handed me tissues as I cried (OK...sobbed...) to her about all the lab tests I had gone through and my frustration at nothing working.   She did not hand me an unnecessary piece of paper about nutrition, she did not tell me that I should just get bariatric surgery (that was the first response by Doctor #2...), and she did not blindly write a lab sheet up for tests.
She asked me pointed questions, and wondered why no other doctor had asked them.  I took a last round of lab tests that should have been done months ago.   Then, the best part of the appointment.  "If these tests come back normal, come back, we will talk about them, and we will put together a plan to fix this."
Amazing.  No one had even offered me any kind of future plan before.

The tests came back normal, and now, we have a plan.  It may not be a plan that I like, but it's a plan, and it's working, and the Doctor is still on my side and listening.
I'm on Day 6 of using Phentermine.  This is not a solution that I am taking lightly.  It's a highly controlled substance on which I will be monitored.  The fact is that my metabolism is painfully slow - this pill will help that.  It will help me learn when I am full.  I've lost 2lbs so far and my daily diet looks something like this:

Smoothie with nonfat yogurt, frozen fruit (lately strawberries and mangoes), either aloe juice or green tea, and chia seeds.
Atkins Shake (I'm not on the Atkins diet, but my body doesn't handle carbs well, and this shake has the least amount.. review to come soon!)
Piece of fruit
Lean protein, veggies, maybe a starch if I'm feeling hungry.

The side effects of the pill are tough.  I'm sometimes nauseous and in a fog, and I haven't slept well since I started it - but 2lbs in less than a week?  I'll deal with the side effects.  I keep almonds at my desk if I need to munch on something throughout the day - but lately I've been too nauseous to want any kind of snack.
The smoothie in the morning has been the secret to my success, I think.  It really does fill me up - and it's so easy to get together the night before and then quickly blend in the morning.  I highly recommend finding a smoothie recipe that does the same for you!

I don't recommend everyone running to their doctors and asking for this pill.  This pill became the only solution that was left - and one that has only been done because I felt that I'd be facing some serious health issues if I didn't find something that would work, and work quickly.  I'm sure I'll be updating periodically on how Phentermine is affecting me and I'll certainly still be cooking!

I'm hoping to finally be able to share actual weightLOSS stories on here from now on instead of weight gain - and I look forward to hearing yours!

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