January 23, 2013

Garlic Baked Shrimp and Fish

Happy Hump Day, UFG'ers!  I was down and out yesterday with the stomach flu. (and I still have it today, but had to get out of the house and go to work!)  The stomach flu is going around hard core right now - so sanitize and be safe! It's pretty much the worst thing ever.  I was finally able to hold down some egg noodles and butter around 7pm last night.  This morning - no such luck with food.  My breakfast smoothie is sitting on my desk untouched, and I'm slooooowly sipping on some herb tea.  Pepto Bismal and I are BFF's.  

As far as the new diet - I'm 10lbs down as of this morning!  It hasn't been easy - it's taken a huge amount of discipline and will power, but The Mailman has been amazing, and I've lost more weight in the past month and a half than I ever hoped! 

Recipe time! This. Is. Garlic-y.  The dish as a whole doesn't cook for long, so next time I make it, I'll pre-cook the garlic, because it's practically raw as is, but maaaaaaan it's delish! Recipe after the jump!

January 14, 2013

Mustard Chicken Meatloaf Minis

Happy Monday, UFG family!
How's everyone doing on those New Year's resolutions? Mine are still going strong!  I indulged a bit this weekend - but am ready to hit the gym extra hard this week, starting tonight with boot-camp 
How do you combat a weekend of over-indulgence?

I'm pretty excited about today's recipe - my first in awhile.  The Mailman has been really into artisanal mustards (it suprised me too...), so for Christmas I got him a sampler pack from Trader Joe's - my favorite of all grocery stores!  It had 5 different types of mustard - and for this recipe, I chose the Basil Mustard.  Yummy.

I love that this recipe is proportioned and ready at the press of the microwave for an easy weeknight meal.  Hope you enjoy!

January 04, 2013

The Battle of the Protein Shakes

It's Friiiiiiiiday - and the holidays are overrrr!
Hey UFG'ers! My holiday season was so unbelievably packed this year, that I'm actually glad it's done.  I can have my normal schedule back!
I hope you all had a fantastic NYE - and have some healthy resolutions in the works!  I learned a valuable lesson this New Year's: when you don't eat much, you can't drink much.  Snaps to The Mailman for taking care of me :)
My journey on Phentermine continues - a total of 5lbs down - including 2 gained then lost over the holidays.
Today - we'll compare protein shakes!  I drink either an Atkins Advantage shake or EAS AdvantEDGE Low Carb shake for lunch everyday, along with some fruit.  My reviews of each after the jump: