January 04, 2013

The Battle of the Protein Shakes

It's Friiiiiiiiday - and the holidays are overrrr!
Hey UFG'ers! My holiday season was so unbelievably packed this year, that I'm actually glad it's done.  I can have my normal schedule back!
I hope you all had a fantastic NYE - and have some healthy resolutions in the works!  I learned a valuable lesson this New Year's: when you don't eat much, you can't drink much.  Snaps to The Mailman for taking care of me :)
My journey on Phentermine continues - a total of 5lbs down - including 2 gained then lost over the holidays.
Today - we'll compare protein shakes!  I drink either an Atkins Advantage shake or EAS AdvantEDGE Low Carb shake for lunch everyday, along with some fruit.  My reviews of each after the jump:

These shakes have been the perfect lunches for me!  I decided to go the low carb route for my lunch shakes because I've found that my body just doesn't do well with carbohydrates of any sort.  I've also cut the banana out of my  morning fruit smoothie for the same reason.  I'm seeing far more effective weight-loss without it.  That's not to say that I don't have a small bit of rice or pasta at dinner time, but for me, carb free is the way to be! (I realize fruits are carbs - and I eat a ton of fruit, but there's a considerable difference in the type of carb that a fruit produces rather than a cup of pasta!)

I've tried both the dark chocolate and regular chocolate shake for the Atkins Advantage and the regular chocolate for the EAS AdvantEDGE.  Honestly - I can't tell the difference between the two.  I pretty much just buy which ever one is one sale.  They both don't have weird gritty texture issues (and if you drink protein shakes on the regular, you know what I'm talking about!) and they don't have weird after tastes like I used to find in Slim Fast shakes.  (Side note: I used to also have horrendously bad breath when I would drink Slim Fast shakes.  They were NOT Mailman approved...)

Let's compare nutrition: 

Atkins Advantage:

EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control: 


So what major differences do we see? Not many.  50 less calories in the EAS product - for some people - that's a big deal.  For me, notsomuch.  7 grams less fat in the EAS as well.  However, 1 less net carb in the Atkins.  But more protein by 2 grams in the EAS.   
For me, the differences are minor.  Both products are sold in bulk at the BJ's Wholesale club in my neighborhood - and I recently just stocked up on both with coupons.  Between the fruit serving and the shake for lunch - I'm full until dinner every day! 
Let's hear it, Unfatties - what do you think about these options and do you have one that works best for you? 



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  2. I tried the Atkins and the EAS. The Atkins milk chocolate delight tastes the best. The EAS dark chocolate tastes chalky.

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