February 08, 2013

Breakfast Chia Seed Pudding

Happy Friday, UFG'ers!  What a month it's been so far!
Firstly, I'm 12lbs down!  That's 12 pounds in 2 months, my friends.  Numbers I'd never thought I'd see.  It's taken an incredible amount of will power and support from The Mailman, but so far so good! Even while eating out once a week for a date night, I've still been able to lose weight.
It's amazing how far you can get with moderation.  It's been a hard lesson to learn, that's for sure.  I think when you're always told "No, you can't eat that" it's hard to understand that you actually CAN eat that - just in moderation.  As a kid, candy and most other processed foods were off limits.  I'll be turning 30 in a little over a month - it's taken that long for me to understand that I can have candy - just half of a candy bar and not 5 of them at once.  There are times when the word "No" is dangerous, and I think food is one of them.  Perhaps moderation would have been a easier lesson if I was allowed sweets in moderation, instead of them being treated as if they were off limits completely!  (To be clear, I'm in no way throwing my parents under the bus - they're awesome - and learning this lesson as well!)
On to today's recipe, if you follow me on The Face you'll know that I started having stomach issues when I would drink my usual breakfast smoothie.  It was The Mailman who actually came up with the reason - between Grad School, work, and all my extracurriculars - stress has creeped it's way back in!  For me, stress = acid reflux.  The smoothies were just a little too much acid for my body to handle.  So I was on a mission to find a new breakfast!  Oh man have I found it.  I'm obsessed, friends - flippin' obsessed. If you have textural issues (think tapioca), stay away from this recipe.
If you're unfamiliar with the magical powers of Chia Seeds - education yourself here!  Recipe after the jump :)

(I forgot to take ingredient pictures - so this will have to do!)

Ingredients: (makes 4 servings)
2/3 cup Chia Seeds (This is my fave brand:http://www.bobsredmill.com/chia-seed.html)
2 cups of plain soy milk (flavored milk adds too much sugar - flavor it yourself!)
1 tsp vanilla extract
sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Mix all ingredients together and let it sit overnight in the fridge - or a minimum of 4 hours.  The chia seeds will absorb the soy milk and the flavoring and congeal to make a tapioca like "pudding."  
Top with the fruit of your choice! Right now, I'm loving using mango - but we'll see what the Farmer's Market has in store for me this weekend.

I've seen people blend 2 dates with the soy milk and use that for a little sweetness, but I think the vanilla extract adds enough. I've also seen people use coconut milk or almond milk as well. I could totally see mixing a little stevia and cocoa powder in with it and making it for a dessert! What flavors would you add to your pudding? Pumpkin in the fall? (Yesssssss!!! Pumpkin EVERYTHINGGGG!) A bit of nutmeg in the winter? The possibilities are endless!   I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments. 

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