February 15, 2013

Fat Is Gross

Happy Friday UFG'ers!  AND Happy belated Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful time with whomever they chose to spend it with.  The mailman and I usually have pretty low key Valentine's Day.  We're fairly good at showing our love everyday - so we don't need a Hallmark holiday. We did go see a comedy show and have a lovely dinner.  (Duck Confit Pizza! I died! Don't worry - we shared it!) 
I'm happy to report that as of this blog I am officially 15 lbs down! I had my weigh-in with my doctor on Tuesday and she was thrilled.  The Chia Seed Pudding has fixed my breakfast woes, and I believe is the catalyst for the week before the weigh-in weight loss bonanza (I  lost 3 lbs the week before the weigh-in after having plateaued!)  If you haven't tried it out yet, you really must. 

After having lost 15 lbs, medically, things have changed.  At the weight I was when I started this program, I was considered "moderately obese."  This means my BMI was in the obese range.  Now - it was in the lowest end of that range - but in that range nonetheless.   My BMI is now down 2 points and I'm now considered just plain ol' overweight.  A few more BMI points to go until I'm considered normal! The whole thing is crap if you ask me, but my doctor looks at that stuff, so I know about it.  I just go by how my clothes fit.  Everyone would be clinically obese if they went with BMI points.  
The whole thing got me thinking - what does losing 15 lbs really mean?   
I can't remember when I learned this little factoid - but, I've known for years that for every 1 lb you lose, you take 4 lbs of pressure off your knees.  So by losing 15 lbs  I've taken a whopping 60 lbs of pressure off my knees!  For someone with bad knees to begin with - that's huge!  
15 lbs also is one dress size.  So I'm down a dress size! 
Then I wondered - What does 15 lbs actually look like?  Well - here it is.  Fat. Is. Gross. 

I'm still 25 lbs away from my goal - but seeing this picture has given me a whole new motivation.  Look how much I've done already!  15 lbs of fat is totally yucky. And look at the 20 lbs! UFG'ers - even if you're just starting and at 5 lbs - you should be proud of that.  Look at how much you've lost - it's amazing! 
Keep going, friends - and by all means, share your stories here and on my Facebook page!
Spicy Chicken Flautas recipe coming next week - you're going to love them. 

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