April 03, 2013

"Potato" Pierogies

Happy Hump Day, UFG'ers! Today's recipe certainly isn't authentic, but it is deeelish.  The Mailman and I love pierogies and we often buy Mrs. T's because she makes a whole grain version that is lower in calories than other brands.  It's a pretty fantastic treat.

Side story:  When I lived in Los Angeles, my friend Danielle gave me one of my favorite housewarming presents that I still use 7 years later.  I loooove my immersion blender and urge you to buy one if you don't have one - they are super handy.

Back to pierogi:
For my version, I use wonton wrappers (not in the least authentic, haha) and cauliflower to replace the potato.  By mixing the cauliflower with one small potato - you still get the texture and some potato flavor - The Mailman didn't even notice it wasn't potato until I told him!
A lot of the recipes I looked at said to boil the pierogi before browning them in the skillet.  Doing this yielded disastrous results for me - so mine went right into the skillet and were just fine - but boil away if it works for you!
Recipe after the jump!

10 oz frozen cauliflower
1 medium potato, peeled and diced
1 small onion
1 pack wonton wrappers
1/4 cup shredded cheese (I used milk cheddar)

Boil the potato and when half done, add the frozen cauliflower.  Dice you onion and cook in a skillet until almost caramelized 
When potatoes are fork tender, drain the liquid out and mash with an immersion blender with the cauliflower, cheese and onions.  Put aside.
Find a glass that fits the wrappers and cut about 10 wrappers at a time into a circle shape.

To assemble the pierogi:
Brush the wonton wrapper on all sides with water.  Put a small spoonful of filling in the middle and fold over.
Spray a skillet with nonstick spray, or use my newest obsession - coconut oil! - and brown the pierogies on each side for about 3 minutes a side.
Serve with a light sour cream (but read your ingredients and choose carefully! no chemicals!)

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