April 25, 2013

Tennis, Anyone?

Happy almost Friday, UFG'ers!   It blows my mind that it's the end of April! Anyone else?

Quick little update for you:  As of my last doctor's appointment, I had lost 2 inches off my waist and hips in 2 months! Very happy with my progress thus far.  I'm starting to build muscle and tone up as a result of the Bridal Boot-Camp and my doctor can see the difference - as can The Mailman.  All good things!

In an effort to add cardio to my workouts, The Mailman and I have started "playing tennis."  Please know, I use the term playing tennis generously.  We. Are. Horrible.   I mean, I can only imagine what it must look like to the occasional passer-by.  Hilarious, I'm sure.  We are completely out of breath after an hour!
The important thing?  We have fun! We've found something that we can do together, get our heart rates up, and laugh while we're doing it.  We may piss off everyone else on the tennis courts, but they aren't having NEARLY as much fun as we are!  (....and might I bring up, my doubles partner Annia and I were undefeated in 8th grade! We were kind of a big deal...and probably cheated....)

So that's that.  A new exercise  inches lost - aaaaaand an amazing coconut chicken and mango chutney recipe coming this weekend!  You guys are going to flip for this one. It's amaaaaaaze.

I want to hear from you, UFG'ers! What are you doing to get some fun cardio time in?

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