May 28, 2013

True Lemon - 100% UFG Approved!

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday, UFG'ers! How was everyone's holiday weekend?  Not too much cheating, I hope!
Let's get down to biz-ness, UFG'ers. Drinking enough water everyday is tough, but I've just the thing to make sure I get my 8 glasses a day!  I've discovered True Lemon, and I'm in love.  I found it at Pathmark last week, it was on sale, and I'm regretting not stocking up!

The ingredients include:

  • Crystallized lemon 
  • Organic evaporated cane juice

  • That's it! No preservatives, natural ingredients and gluten free, for those with sensitivity.  (and no calories!)

    The first thing I noticed is the lack of scent.  It doesn't smell like fake lemonade when you open the packet, and that's a good thing!  When I mixed the packet into my water - magically - NOTHING happened!  No color change, no fizzing, nothing unnatural looking.  Just like if I were to squeeze actual lemon!  The taste is spot on.  Fresh lemon water, with no lemon needed.  

    From the True Lemon website: 
    True Lemon starts in the grove with fresh lemons selected for their superior flavor. Cold pressing and crystallizing the lemons locks in their flavor at the peak of freshness so True Lemon tastes better than any lemon you can find in the store: fresh frozen or juice. In fact, in taste tests, True Lemon was preferred over fresh lemons 7 out of 10 times!

    They sell a bunch of different variations - so read your labels and make sure you're getting the crystallized lemon and not lemonade!  Other water enhancers include True Orange and True Grapefruit.   You can check out their full product line on their site and tons of great recipe and drink ideas!

    Have you tried it out?  Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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