November 08, 2013

It's not you...It's me.

I've been neglecting you (I've been neglecting a lot of things...) Sorry about that.  I'm riddled with excuses. They include:

  • I'm exhausted
  • I don't have time
  • My new job takes up the majority of my brain waves
  • I'm planning a wedding
  • I haven't written down my last 3 recipes and have now forgotten them (see bullet point 3)
We're at 6 months until "I do." I've been stuck at the same weight for 4 months.  I haven't gained - but I haven't lost.  Coincidentally, I've had my new job for 4 months.  Here's my hypothesis, and here's what I'm doing about it: 

My brain is exhausted at the end of every day.  I'm no stranger to working hard.  Lest we forget, I got my start in television.  10-12 hour working days, 6 days a week. While in LA, my days started at 5:30am in the gym (they also ended at 9pm).  In NYC, they ended at 8pm in the gym (and didn't begin until 8:30am).  I used to be able to work out, and work long days and be exhausted.  So what changed? 
1) I had a 3 and a half year break from my brain working. I was either unemployed, underemployed, or bored until my current job. My brain has had to work in a way it hasn't in awhile. It's getting better, but for now, it leaves me drained at the end of the day.  
2) I got a life. I do stuff after work. I'm involved in my community.  I found The Mailman.  I don't want to leave bed in the morning, and I just want to get home to him at night when I don't have an extracurricular.  

Working used to be my life - so it was easy to make time for the gym.  (....and get out of my face with your "working out for an hour is 1% of your day" pin on Pinterest.)  It's not so easy anymore - but at 6 months to go and one hell of plateau, it's time to start. 

So...what am I doing about it? 
1) Despite a wedding, healthy has not been the priority in the UnFatty/Mailman household. To remedy this - we joined a CSA. Every two weeks, I pick up a bag of healthy deliciousness. The nickle vending machine stocked with Cheese-It's at my office is not making this goal easier - but I'm down to one 2oz bag a week! 
2) I joined the YMCA. It's more than I wanted to spend. My goal was to get in shape without having to join a gym - but a fact is a fact - I needed it. I needed to spend the money to make it worth it. It doesn't hurt that I pass it every day on my way home from work and am riddled with guilt when I don't make the turn into the parking lot.  It's already been proven that I do better in group exercise settings - and the YMCA has some great classes.  As The Mailman always says: "You're really good about working out when it's convenient for you." Well - it doesn't get any more convenient than across the street from my office. 
3) I'm learning to say "no." My December is already booked. It's the beginning of November and my December is booked.  I literally had an entire conversation with my mother yesterday trying to figure out when we can see each other.  We live an hour away. That's absurd. I have to quit my part time job at another gym because my ability to be not at all flexible with my scheduling isn't fair to anyone ... and... I don't have time to do it anymore.  We'll lose some money, but isn't sanity worth it in the end? I've cut back drastically on the extracurriculars and cut my freelance clients down to one. That should do something, right? 

I'm sorry I don't have a delicious recipe for you today, and I'm sorry I probably won't have one for a few more months. When I came up with the idea to do this site - I don't think I realized how time consuming it actually was to create a recipe. As soon as I have the time again - recipes galore! (especially now with the CSA!) 
Let's get married, eh? 

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  1. Ah - you just expressed a lot of what I'm feeling, and I'm not even working full-time like you!!! I've also started getting into the pet/babysitting business, and lots of people are knocking on my door. You're doing fabulously, darling. I feel for you with the scheduling! :-)